The ABBRIATA® M64 MAGNUM square baler is characterized by very high productive capacity and mechanical parts specifically dimensioned for heavy duty work. This machine is designed for large farms and contractors.

This machine is characterized by a chamber measuring 36x48 cm and pick-up width of 180 cm.
The transmission of the machine’s primary movements takes place through gears and a drive shaft without chains.
The M64 MAGNUM can be fitted with twine knotters or wire twister.

M64 MAGNUM Pick-up balers

Pick-up balers - brochure Download the brochure in PDF format
Feed unit packer fingers (3+3)
Transmission of the main
syncronized movements
by cardan shaft and gears
Bale tie twine / wire
Bale chamber cm 36x48 in 14.2x18.9
Bale lenght cm 40÷120 in 16÷47
Plunger strokes/minute   90   90
Tractor rating for P.T.O. CV 50÷80 HP 50÷80
Max. width of the pick-up cm 180 in 71
Weight kg 1650/1700 lb 3667/3778
Overall width cm 250 in 98
Length cm 465 in 183
Height cm 155 in 61
Tyres 10.0/75   157.0-12 o 195/75-14

Twine knotter - Pick-up jack - Bales counter - Cardan shaft - Third wheel support - Lights (only Italy)


Third wheel - Hydraulic pick-up lift - Hydraulic drawbar adj - Long chute and rear trailer hitch - Wide-angle shaft - Pick-up wheel - Pick-up support roller - Iron wire twisters


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General overview of the square baler


Rear view with rear-mounted wheel on the baler


Twine knotters