The ABBRIATA® M60 MINI square baler, thanks to its smaller dimensions, is ideal for collecting hay in mountainous areas and/or small areas with difficult access.

The M60 MINI is characterized by a chamber with a size of  34x44 cm, a lower weight (approximately 900 kg), maximum pick-up width of 105 cm and total width of the machine in the transport set-up of 160 cm.

Balers for small square bales

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Bale tie twine
Bale chamber cm 34x44 in 13.4x17.3
Straw bale weight kg 13÷20 lb 28÷44
Hay bale weight kg 18÷28 lb 39÷62
Bale length cm 40÷130 in 16÷51
Capacity bales/minute   3÷9   3÷9
Plunger strokes/minute   90   90
Tractor rating for P.T.O. CV 20÷25 HP 20÷25
Max. width of the pick-up cm 105 in 41
Weight kg 900 lb 2000
Overall width cm 180 in 71
Overall width with the side
pick-up wheel mounted behind
cm 160 in 63
Length cm 395 in 155
Height cm 135 in 53
Tyres 7,00/12 o 195/75-14 165/80-13

Twine knotter - Pick-up jack - Bales counter - Cardan shaft - Third wheel support - Lights (only Italy)


Third wheel with holder - Hydraulic pick-up lift - Hydraulic drawbar adj - Long chute and rear trailler hitch - Wide-angle shaft - Pick-up wheel - Hand brake


Rectangular balers   Small square balers   Balers for small rectangular bales

Working baler (or Pick-up balers ),
powered by low power tractors (20-25 CV)


Rear view with rear-mounted wheel on the baler