The ABBRIATA® M60 MINI/S square baler is characterized by a chamber with a size of  34x44 cm and a very light weight of approximately 850 kg.

It has a pick-up length of 95 cm and a width spanning the entire machine, 149 cm in the transport set-up.
The minimum drive power is 20 – 25 CV.
This is a special square baler designed for working in smaller areas with very narrow access routes.

Square balers

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Bale tie twine
Bale chamber cm 34x44 in 13.4x17.3
Straw bale weight kg 13÷20 lb 28÷44
Hay bale weight kg 18÷28 lb 39÷62
Bale length cm 40÷130 in 16÷51
Capacity bales/minute   3÷9   3÷9
Plunger strokes/minute   85÷90   85÷90
Tractor rating for P.T.O. CV 20÷25 HP 20÷25
Max. width of the pick-up cm 90÷95 in 90÷95
Weight kg 850 lb 1874
Overall width cm 169 in 66.5
Overall width with the side
wheel mounted behind
cm 149 in 58.7
Length cm 395 in 155
Height cm 135 in 53
Tyres 7,00/12 or 195/75-14 165/80-13
Twine knotter - Pick-up jack - Bales counter - Cardan shaft - Third wheel support - Lights (only Italy)

Third wheel with holder - Hydraulic pick-up lift - Hydraulic drawbar adj - Long chute and rear trailler hitch - Wide-angle shaft - Pick-up wheel - Hand brake

Rectangular balers   Small square balers   Balers for small rectangular bales

Working baler (or Pick-up balers),
powered by low power tractors (20-25 CV)


Rear view with rear-mounted wheel on the baler