M61 EXPORT/170

The M61 EXPORT/170  improves the already excellent quality/performance/price ratio of the M61 EXPORT thanks to the adoption of a wider pick-up (170 cm.) and a more powerful feeding system which allows to increase the production capacity to satisfy even the most demanding users.

This baler which has a standard-sized compression chamber (36x46 cm. like the M61 EXPORT) can be equipped with twine or wire knotter; in this case it is equipped with 4 baskets for 2 rolls of service wire and 2 reserve rolls.


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Bale tie twine / wire
Bale chamber cm 36x46 in 14.2x18.1
Straw bale weight kg 18÷22 lb 39÷48
Hay bale weight kg 20÷35 lb 44÷77
Bale length cm 40÷130 in 16÷51
Capacity bales/minute   6÷10   6÷10
Plunger strokes/minute   90   90
Tractor rating for P.T.O. CV 26÷30 HP 26÷30
Max. width of the pick-up cm 170 in 67
Weight kg 1250/1275 lb 2755/2810
Overall width cm 256 in 101
Overall width with the side
pick-up wheel mounted behind
cm 235 in 92.5
Length cm 430 in 169
Height cm 160 in 63
Tyres 10,00/80-12   195/75-14 o 7,00-12
Twine knotter - Pick-up jack - Bales counter - Cardan shaft - Third wheel support - Lights (only Italy)
Third wheel - Third wheel with holder - Hydraulic pick-up lift - Hydraulic drawbar adj - Long chute and rear trailler hitch - Wide-angle shaft - Pick-up wheel - Crank weight - Pick-up support roller - Iron wire twisters


Rear view or the machine at work

  Baler M61 EXPORT/170

  The machine at work

1. Twine knotters (standard equipment)
2. Wire twister (special equipment)
  3. Hydraulic pick-up lift and hydraulic drawbar adjustment (special equipment)
4. Crank with counter weight (special equipment)